Monday, 24 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Ok, so I'm a little late but Happy New Year everyone! I trust everyone had a great new year and that your skin is finally finding it's way back to normality after the abuse of alcohol, chocolate, excessive rich foods and late night partying!

Well, this year started a little slow with January always being a touch quiet! However, I got plunged into an event last week in Selfridges which certainly woke me back up from the January blues!

However, I would point out that when advertising my visit to the store the website showed the following photo! This would be great if I were the one on the right! But I'm the "non" model on the left with the mushroom shaped hair! Hahaha! Don't attach me to such a beauty! It's like a before and after surgery shoot!

I spent 3 busy and exciting days on the Laura Mercier counter and boy did they work me hard.With over 5 clients to see per hour I needed Redbull by intravenous drip by the end of the day. I love this store, lovingly known as the big yellow cube - not to be confused with the Big Yellow Storage! You get such a diverse spectrum of cliental that really keeps you on your toes.

We had the new Silk Road Collection launch which I absolutely love and it flew out. The colours are incredibly versatile with a great eyes and cheek palette and some gorgeous limited edition lip plumpers.
These colours in palettes can sometimes scare us as they aren't "safe" colours but I urge you to try them as they can be very feminine but easy to vamp up for the evening.

Well, I'll leave you all for now and check in for a catch up in a couple of days.
And remember.....It's only makeup, you can wash it off! Go, play and have fun!