Monday, 28 June 2010

From Miami to Mice! Glamour all the way!

Oh my Goodness! Talk about coming back down to earth with a bump!

This blog will definitely reassure you that being a makeup artist is not as glamorous as we like to believe! I'm sitting at Edinburgh Airport writing this, waiting to board my plane back to Heathrow!

Now, I must begin my telling you that I love Edinburgh, it's one of my favourite cities in the world! I have some amazing memories involving Scotland's Capital and last time I was here my future husband proposed so, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to be coming back for work!

I was due to take a Masterclass at Harvey Nichols at 6.30pm and gave myself plenty of time to get to the accomodation I'd booked, do a quick change,slap on some makeup and dump my case! This is where it all started to unravel! Now, on my travels, I usually book hotels but on occasion like to stay at those serviced apartments, especially if it is for a few nights, because you are able to cook for yourself etc. So, I booked Edinburgh Apartments, also known as! I arrived at the "apartment" block and when no one answered I called the number on the email, only to be told that I have to visit the office first to collect the keys! What???????? So, I proceeded to get a taxi over there to pick them, up which left me no time to go back and freshen up!

Can you even imagine what is coming next? No! I ended up changing in a shopping centre toilet cubicle and then dashing to Harvey Nichols to lecture women on how to look effortless! Hahaha! Well, on a good note, the Masterclass went extremely well and the women and myself all had a great time and they went away very happy......and oblivious to my dressing room drama!

As it was late by the time I left, I took my suitcase and went straight to the word...... disgusting! The amusing part of this story is that the woman in the office insisted on reminding me about 4 times that I would be charged for any damage! DAMAGE?!?!?!?! Damage would have been doing this place a favour! Cracked TV, only 2 channels working, hair on the bed sheets, damp on the bathroom ceiling and then to top it all off.....when I went looking for an ironing board, I open a cupboard door to find that I was sharing this "apartment"! With MICE!!! Well, a mouse trap, which I took as a big indictor that there was mice in the block!

To cut a very long story, short! The people running this organisation were useless, don't get me wrong, they offered me another apartment the following the same block! Wow, genius! Thanks! As, you can imagine, I returned the keys the next day and booked into a hotel! I'm awaiting a refund, which I was informed had to come from! 7-10 working days!

In short, what I'm telling you, is never,never, never book accommodation through these people, they couldn't even bring themselves to say sorry!

So, there is my story from Miami to Mice! Glamorous huh?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Weekend with Laura Mercier in Miami!

Well, where do I start? Firstly, I apologise for the insane length of time between posts but I've finally had broadband installed at home so there is no stopping me! You're actually more likely to want to slow me down! haha!

Last week I was lucky enough to spend 5 days in Miami with the amazing Laura Mercier company, learning about the new and exciting launches that they have coming up this season, insights into the company and spending time with some of the most inspiring artists in the business.

We started the first day with an amazing Q&A section with Miss Laura Mercier herself and the esteemed plastic surgeon and creator of Revive skincare, Dr Gregory Brown. This was amazing to hear the inspiration straight from the horses mouths (in want of a better word) What a way to start the 3 day conference!

I'm obviously not going to give you an hour by hour account as you'll drift off to sleep, fall off your chair and damage some part of your anatomy......and I certainly don't want to be responsible for any injury so I'll continue with my highlights!

Another amazing part of the weekend was sharing 2 hours with Laura's new ambassador Matin Maulawizada, who is not only a hugely sought after celebrity makeup artist but a truly warm, funny and kind man who does amazing work with Afghan Hands charity. He had recently returned from the Sex and the City press tour as Cynthia Nixon's artist so was a little tired but a trouper!

He, along with Laura took a 2 hour artistry class with only 15 of us in the room which meant we had a very intimate and honest session! I can not explain how valuable this was.

Laura spent time amusing us with stories of her time spent travelling the world meeting Mercier fans, working on some of the beautiful faces in the business and her time with the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker, who has inspired one you the new fall collection products to hit Sephora this lips are sealed until it has been launched and then I 'll tell you which one!

She shared some of her favourite looks and products, and was raving about using the Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel on top of your foundation but rubbing it between your hands and pressing into the skin for this summer glow.

On one of the balmy tropical evenings we were whisked off to the beautiful Vizcaya Museum and gardens for the award ceremony and wow, it was amazing! Some people were saying that it had been used as a location for the iconic film Scarface but I've yet to confirm that bit of trivia! After the awards were over, we went through to the casino and enjoyed the evening!

Above is a pic of me and the lovely Laura Mercier herself.

As you can imagine, we packed all sorts of other bits and pieces into the conference but most of it isn't interesting to write about. Although I'd been to the States before, I'd never ventured to Miami and it really was an "awesome" experience and one that has made me look to plan a return trip (for pleasure) to this beautiful and gorgeously hot state!

Please feel free to ask any questions relating to Laura or Matin and I will try and answer as best I can.

Thanks for reading and remember "makeup should be fun"!