Thursday, 5 January 2012

The big wide world of Makeup Aug-Dec 2011

So, when I got back from my honeymoon, I had to hit the ground running which was hard but satisfying all the same.
We were still in the middle of wedding season (although wedding season seems to be never ending) so I had a lot of brides booked. I love bridal makeup as it a much more personal aspect of a makeup artist's job. Here are a couple of my brides.

Some of my other highlights of 2011 are listed below, but apologies for the fact that they aren't in any particular order.

It's always nice to see your work in print but it's equally as nice to be quoted in a magazine. This year I was particularly proud of being quoted in the fabulous Wedding Ideas Magazine, a magazine that I found very useful in the run up to my wedding and also on the website.

One of my favourite things.......not in a Fräulein Maria way, is to combine a great job and a great friend. This opportunity presented itself twice this year in the shape of Luke Stephens, makeuo artist and Beauty Editor for Who's Jack Magazine.
Luke contacted me to ask if I would meet him with him and a group of woman to discuss how we felt the beauty industry represents women with darker skin. Luke knows that this subject is something I feel very strongly about and so I was excited to part of the discussion. The article Luke wrote on this subject is definitely worth the read. Here is the link.

The second time I heard from Luke on a professional level, was to ask if I would join him in a shoot for Who's Jack? Well, not only was it a great day with a fab team, it also ended in wine. More jobs like this please???????????
It was for the December issue and all about party looks! So we spent the day, in a bar, getting 4 gorgeous girls from Leni's Models into party looks.

I could go on, and on, and on!!!!! I worked with so many great people last year and hope I get to work with them again.

Until next time everyone!
Play, have fun, it's only makeup!

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