Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Golden Globes!!!!

The Globes are often seen as the warm up for the Oscars, with the stars of both TV and Film, getting together for a slightly less formal ceremony than the one that takes place in March.

I quite like the red carpets looks of the Golden Globes as celebrities often experiment a little more than they do at the Oscars. Those who have read my blog or know how I feel about beauty, will know that I believe  it comes in the individuality of a person not in how others perceive beauty to be. Beauty comes with confidence, with accepting that you are completely unique and embracing what you have. One of my favourite actresses who does just that, but with huge talent and a quiet unassuming flair is Tilda Swinton.

Tilda has the confidence to be herself with no assistance of fake tan and her makeup is minimal. Her unusual, unconventional beauty is breathtaking.

J'adore Dior's Charlize Theron looking demure and sexy all at once.

Stage and Screen Royalty Helen Mirren, proving why you shouldn't mess too much with the face. This woman is beautiful without feeling the need spend her life in surgery. Her makeup is pretty and elegant, never taking over her face.

Dianna Agron from Glee has the most serene face. I always think that she has a beauty that is timeless, you could almost put her in any era. Her makeup here is sophisticated and yet, still young and fresh. 

Claire Danes is a favourite of mine, another unconventional beauty. Claire has a warm, open face that can look exceptionally pretty and young but also graceful and serious. I love this makeup, but again, I'm slightly bias as the artist was the lovely Matin.

There was a definite trend of red lips on the red carpet this year and I'm hoping that those if you that haven't tried it before go out and experiment with this sophisticated and chic look. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different reds out there and there is one for each of you.

Go, play, have's only makeup!

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