Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lancome's Visionnaire

A friend gave me a bottle of Lancome's latest serum, Visionaire LR2412, when it was launched last year and despite trying it a couple of times, I didn't really give it my full attention until about 6 weeks ago when I began using every day.

Lancôme claims it does the following:
To reduce wrinkles
Minimise pores
Correct skin tone

As I was given this product, I hadn't received the whole sales patter on how to use etc. And to honest I always check the Internet anyway as sometimes you can be mis-informed by a consultant who either hasn't had training yet or is a little confused etc. This is what I discovered, Lancôme recommend that you use it day and night but I'll be honest, I only use it once a day. I choose to use it in the morning for one reason, Visionaire LR2412 has a light reflective finish that gives a fantastic glow to the skin. Lancôme also recommend that it can be used around the eyes.

The molecule LR2412 is literally the 2412th molecule that they tried out and it was successful. It is based on the structure that plant leaves have to repair themselves. Lancome took this research and came up with LR2412 to mimic this process but with the skin cells, therefore repairing the skin. Said to penetrate further than other serums (other companies also claim this) it apparently works from the inside out.

Now, I wouldn't say that if I was using Botox, that I'd give it up for this product but it had certainly had a positive effect on the texture and tone of my skin. The redness has improved a great deal and my skin feels smoother and softer to the touch.

Over all, I was pleasantly surprised by this serum.

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