Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My Beauty Icons

My beauty icons are a diverse group of women from all different era's of the 20th Century. In fact as a child/teenager, I often wondered if I was born in the wrong era or had "been here before" as some people say. I loved the old black and white movies, the porcelain skin, the arched brows, the strong lip. I loved actresses that were both feminine but strong and confident with it. Actresses like Katherine Hepburn,  Vivian Leigh, who had that inner strength but also the comedy actresses such as Doris Day. I adore women who are confident enough to laugh at themselves.

Not only was I obsessed with the golden era of movies but I was captivated by the supermodels of the 90's and wow, that group of models have never, and will never be repeated. My sister would buy me a subscription to Vogue every year for my birthday and then I would buy a second copy every month so I had one to rip up and display on my bedroom and dormitory walls.

The pairing of Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista for the Chanel Campaign was phenomenal.

My all time favourite face, Christy Turlington, a timeless classic bone structure that seem to fit every type of makeup.

But no one has ever manage to pull off as many looks as Linda Evangelista, a true fashion Chameleon.

and who can forget the formidable Naomi Campbell, classic Yasmin Le Bon, exotic Yaseem Ghauri, sexy Helena Christensen, beautiful Cindy Crawford, regal Tatjana Patitz, Stephanie Seymour, Claudia Schiffer...... I could go on.

The infamous Supermodels who George Michael went on to use in his Freedom video, if you have never seen this video, I demand you go and watch it now.

They were everywhere!

The late, great Versace and his girls.

Here are a few of the iconic pictures that made me fall in love with this crazy business.
Many thanks for letting me indulge in my memories and I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane.

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